Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tour the Farm

Hello Again!!!  I had a brief hiatus with vacation and a very busy spring schedule.  Don't you think it's past time for a tour of the farm?  Sit back, get comfortable, and I hope you enjoy the show.

Stop #1: The New Construction

This is the side view of "the compound".  The light green section is the original house.  The dark green is the addition we just put on for my mother to live in complete with a REAL laundry room and mud room!  Last but, not least, the unpainted section is the new barn!!

Technically a "Bank Barn" built into the banking behind our garage.  Bottom level will house (eventually) pigs, cows and chickens.  The middle level will be for horses and goats.  Then, we have a HUGE hay loft with yet another level above that for additional storage.  You'll never hear me utter the statement, "We will never possibly use it all!" because I know from experience I'd end up eating those words.  

Recently, we were able to take advantage of a local 'high end' horse farm that has unfortunately been sold.  All of the stalls as well as anything in, on, or around the farm was for sale.  Four horse stalls, saddle racks and bridle racks are now waiting to be assembled in our barn, SCORE!!

Future home of our cold storage room in the barn!!

Stop #2: The Orchard

Our orchard is surrounded by solar powered
electric fence.  Unfortunately, we had so much
snow this winter that the deer were
literally able to walk over the top strand
of wire.  The trees seem to be doing well
despite becoming a snack.

Bee Hive surrounded by baby apple and pear trees. 
Soon there will be two hives out there filled with bees.
Maybe this year we won't kill them.
Stop #3: The Garden Beds

Believe it or not there are two
sheet mulched garden bed rows here.
The plan is to have two more this year.
Three little rhubarb that survived
the excavation for the barn addition.

Two 2'x2' raised beds.
Six 4'x4' raised beds and Two 4'x8' raised beds
in the front of the house.  Up to this year most of
our vegetables went here.  However, this year I think
it will mostly be greens, herbs and small things.
The big stuff, tomatoes, cukes, etc. will go
in the sheet mulched rows out back.

Stop #4: The Pig Pen

Farm Dad built the pig shed 3 years ago now.
We had 6 pigs in there last year.
Probably going with 4 pigs this year.
We scored a pig feeder with hinged flaps
from a neighbor the year before last!
The wood platform is another eating area
where we feed all the food scraps, fodder, etc.
The platform helps keep the pigs' feet dry and healthy.
We run electric fence inside the hog panels as training
to the electric fence so when we open the far
end of the pen to the woods the pigs will stay contained
with one strand of electric wire fence.
Hard to tell but, they have
quite a large area to roam in
and about the time all the area
inside the paneled fence is
rooted up it will be time to
expand their area into the woods

Stop #5: The Chickens and Goats

The chicken coop and run.  
Back side of the Chicken coop with
chain link fence we inherited
from a friend.

The Chicken Coop we have had for about 5 years now.
Again, we lucked out and discovered
Coops for a Cause when we were in the market for a coop.  A great guy, filling the growing need for quality coops, was building them in his 'spare' time.  He donates a portion of all sales to charity and has now grown quite a business.  If you are in the New England area and need a coop, check them out!

The front of the goat shed, situated next to the chicken coop.
The 8'x12' shed was built by great friends
with a little help from Farm Dad, mostly supervising.

Back of the shed.  Goats and chickens roaming together.

Morning dust bath!!!
New chicks sectioned off from
older flock until they
can defend themselves.

LL Molly
Queen of the herd.
LL Minerva aka: "Minnie"
Nigerian Dwarf Goat

Token boy (wether)

I bet I have neglected to show you something but, you get the idea.  Hard to believe how far we have come.  So thankful to be able to live here, on this farm, with my amazing husband and family!